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Intro to Hindustani Classical Music

June 31st 2022

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything - Plato

Hindustani Classical music is a form of music which places the most emphasis on expressing certain(for lack of a better word) moods, and thus is rather abstract in many aspects. These moods are represented through complex musical structures known as raagas

Each raaga has its own set of rules, which include which notes are to be used for ascending, and which are to be used for descending, known respectively as Arohi and Avarohi

The beat in Hindustani is in the form of cycles of certain numbers of beats known as taalas, which are played on instruments known as tablas. These cycles each have different names, and their verbal representation is known as bool. 

The way that scales work in Hindustani is largely the same as that in Western Classical, with the major exceptions being the different naming of notes, and the option to start a scale at whatever note the musician deems fit.

The naming and distribution of the notes is here

After understanding Hindustani at this level, I recommend listening to performances and trying to discern any abstract aspect of them. 

For instance, try to understand what sort of mood is being created through the raaga


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