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An incredible intersection of vocal and instrumental music

The violin is one of the newest instruments in modern Indian Classical Music. It is known for its ability to mimic the human voice through the use of alankars. Despite starting out as an accompanying instrument, its role in Classical has evolved to a level where it is now more well-known for its solo performances.



How the Indian Violin is Played:

Indian violin is played by placing the scroll on a soft cloth above the player's inner calcaneus bone and squeezing the tailpiece between the neck and shoulder. Due to this setup, chin-rests and shoulder-rests are not necessary.

The Indian Violin's sound:

The Indian Violin is known for its soulful melodies, and its distinct position in Hindustani Classical is one of incredible versatility. The violin has the ability to lead with a tabla, accompany a singer, accompany a tabla, and much more!
What is played on the Indian Violin?

The violin is usually played as the melodic centerpiece of a performance with an accompanying tabla. Due to its distinct timbre, when it does play with another melodic instrument, it can be in the form of a jugalbandhi.

Popular Indian Classical Violinists

Similar Instruments

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